Explaining My Avatar

The avatar I have chosen for my blog is a smile drawn on a window.  Through the window, you can see it is bad weather and that is why you can draw on the window, the bad weather, to me, symbolizes all the negativity that can happen throughout your life.  The happy face drawn on means that no matter what you should always look on the bright side.  It may not be your first instinct but it wouldn’t hurt.  For example, not a lot of students necessarily enjoy school but you can always think about all the good things that happen there like you see your friends or maybe you enjoy going to one of your classes.  I have always tried to look at all the good things that can come out of doing the things that you do, sometimes those things can lead to a big impact.

4 thoughts on “Explaining My Avatar

  1. G’day Giselle,
    What a great idea for an avatar and I love your description of how it fits you and your thoughts on life!
    Just one point though – is it your photo or did you find it on the web somewhere? If you found it on the web, it belongs to someone else and you probably need their permission to use it. Week 3 of the challenge is all about using images, videos and music.

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